The quest for the perfect Mallet!

The traditional Stonemasons mallet was historically made from either apple wood or Beech wood, but over time many masons have gradually swapped hardwood for the more readily available polyester or nylon mallet, so much so that it has sadly become almost impossible to find new replacement hardwood mallets of decent quality. We have never been happy with this situation or the design &  feel of  generic plastic mallets so I began to research different hardwood properties & handle designs until finally with the help of one of our team Lee Wiles (who is also a talented wood turner) the ANDLEE mallet was born!


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Andlee Mallets have a unique laminated head made from hand selected hardwoods. The mallets pictured above have an African hardwood 2" centre band where the density is needed most!! It is sandwiched between two thinner layers of English Beech to give a perfect weight.


Leadwood is a beautiful & extremely durable dense hardwood (1200g/cubic ltr) that is practically the same as Lignum Vitae but it is not a protected species!


The direction of the grain in each layer is carefully placed in perfect alignment so that all three can take the impact of a mallet headed chisel on the end grain on the same face of the mallet. Therefore with proper use & care it will last a lifetime.


The outer layers are made from the traditional choice for masons mallets English Beech (680g/cubic ltr).


All hardwoods used are sourced from sustainably managed forests in England and Mozambique (4 trees are planted for every 1 felled)


The handle is made from Ash for a bit of bounce (natures own shock absorber) & are also unique to Andlee mallets having a generous width and  being far more comfortable than what you may be familiar with (especially if you've been using a mass produced plastic mallet). They taper from approx 33 to 45mm for extra comfort and are finished with danish oil not polyurethane varnish for a better grip and more natural feel.


Every Andlee mallet is unique due to being handturned by an experienced craftsman from natural materials so it is always best to pick up your perfect mallet from a stone carving festival. However if you cannot wait simply send me a message with your requirements.


Lee & I are proud to donate an ANDLEE as a prize each year for the most dedicated stonemasonry student at York College...details of this years winner to follow...


Prices range from £60 to £75 but do include postage within mainland UK discounts available for colleges, students & journeymen. Contact me for more information.


You can also find varioius sizes & weights listed on ebay using the link below.



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